With the resignation from my role at PC Professionale I just closed a long and significant chapter in my professional and personal life. The future will be challenging, but I hope and believe it will also be inspiring and exciting.

I was in need of a change but with no mental space to act, so I decided to make something unusual and to give myself a chance to be free to shape my future on a new path.

I wanted and I was in need of something different for my family and professional life but there was always something holding me back. This time, with the support of my beloved, I decided to take the opportunity to shape that need as our new future.

When you are unable to find the right way because what you need is not a pressing matter, one way to act is to set yourself in the position to make that need a real problem to solve and the solution the most important thing to work on.

A new life is unfolding and it will be an adventure again.